Bibby Distribution has inked an early renewal on its Ultraframe contract as part of its customer's plans to expand its business.

The deal was renewed 18 months early and will see Bibby Distribution increase its fleet to help the conservatory and extension supplier meet expansion plans.

Ultraframe logistics manager Paul Greaves said: “We value Bibby Distribution as a partner, rather than just as a supplier. The company shares our ethos and it believes in doing the right thing – whether it’s focusing on customer satisfaction, or ensuring staff are well-treated and well trained.

Greaves said Bibby Distribution had retained the contract with Ultraframe after driving costs down year on year and continually raising service levels.

“We’ve had a fruitful relationship over the last 12 years, which has resulted in savings and service improvements such as sharing resources flexibly across Bibby Distribution’s wider national network. That would have been impossible with an in-house fleet, or with other fleet providers. In fact, in real terms, our costs have reduced year-on-year since 2010, while service has got even better.

“As a result, we felt it appropriate to make an early contract extension to underpin our ambitious plans that will mean expanding the fleet, and to show our future commitment.”

Bibby Distribution, which began operations for Ultraframe in 2005, has helped reduce the supplier's transport costs by operating dual-fuel vehicles and longer semi-trailers, cutting diesel costs by 20% and carbon emissions by 10%.

Costs on the contract have been reduced by using Bibby Distribution’s national shared-user distribution services, when possible, and by minimising empty running by collecting raw material for Ultraframe’s products from suppliers.