Talks between DVSA management and Prospect and Public and Commercial Services (PCS) unions at arbitration service ACAS appear to be bearing fruit.

Both unions have pledged to suspend all industrial action for the duration of the talks, with DVSA promising not to take disciplinary action against staff who refuse to follow work practices that are in dispute.

The parties have agreed that the talks, which began last week, will be suspended over the Christmas period, resuming “as a matter of urgency” early next year, according to a joint statement issued this week by the DVSA, Prospect and PCS.

  • The statement also revealed that the talks will cover a broad agenda. Issues to be discussed  include:Resourcing – staffing levels and strategic workforce planning.
  • Deployment – start and finish times.
  • Next Generation Testing.
  • Working and travel time.
  • Protocols for scheduling.
  • Flexibility and appropriate reward including use of vehicle and equipment.
  • Application of trave and subsidence rules.

In addition DVSA will hold separate talks with PCS on:

  • The use of the 37 hour week for driving examiners.
  • Productivity and types of activity.
  • Working times.
  • Reasonable adjustments.
  • Flexibility over working hours.

The joint statement said that DVSA, Prospect and PCS are committed “to a full and open discussion” on the issues, adding that DVSA will take no disciplinary action against staff who refuse to follow instructions over issues that are in dispute.

The statement adds: “As a result PCS and Prospect have agreed to suspend all other forms of industrial action for the duration of the talks.”

All three parties are set to resume talks at ACAS on 4 January next year.