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Manifesto for the temperature-controlled logistics sector reminds politicians of its importance to UK plc


As the UK’s political parties hone their manifestos ahead of this year’s general election, this is a vital time to ensure that all those hoping to form the next government have a deep understanding of the impacts of their policy choices on the nation’s logistics provision.

Aliaksandr Kuushynau

HGV fleet management set for radical overhaul


In the dynamic realm of transport and logistics, 2024 presents pivotal shifts poised to redefine fleet management strategies. Let’s explore what these industry changes mean for HGV fleet owners and managers, focusing on telematics integration, driver empowerment, and sustainable electrification.

Conference Richard Smith 2023

Tough times but here’s how we can fight our cause


Reports of hauliers succumbing to cost pressures amid hugely challenging conditions are sadly becoming regular reading.

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Haulage firms are attractive targets for cyber crime


Road transport firms have become popular targets for cyber criminals in recent years. A number of high-profile attacks have rocked the industry lately and highlight the relevance of cyber security to even the smallest of logistical businesses.