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Creating safer vehicles on the UK’s ‘safest roads’


Designed to ease traffic flow on UK roads, smart motorways rely on technology to limit congestion and have been dubbed the UK’s ‘safest roads’. However, with technical issues causing frequent incidents, it’s not enough for fleet operators to rely on government technology alone. To truly safeguard drivers and vehicles and ...


Why developing electric trucks has become a risky business


The road to zero emissions for those currently operating in the logistics supply chain is paved with a multiplicity of product offerings from a worldwide manufacturing base. Unfortunately, many of the emerging EV commercial vehicle suppliers have failed, or run into difficulties, for a variety of reasons.


The importance of collaboration for our sector


As our industry faces unique challenges on a number of fronts, there’s much work happening and much work to do.


How can we steer the logistics industry towards a stable workforce?


Last week, I was invited to attend the Road Transport Expo, and hear the latest Asset Alliance Industry Monitor briefing. Recruitment and Retention remains one of the biggest challenges keeping truck operators awake at night.