The arrival of the recently launched eActros 600 tractor unit means Mercedes-Benz Trucks now offers a comprehensive line-up of battery electric vehicles to hauliers in the UK – but that’s not all. 

With a full ecosystem of EV-specific support systems, operators can be sure they will be given all the help they could wish for when making the switch to emissions-free road transport.

Head of Future Sustainability James Venables said: “We support operators on their journey to CO2-neutral transport, providing a full suite of products and services to help our customers run their truck to their very best; reliably and efficiently, maximising uptime and revenue and keeping the world moving.”

One operator making good use of the eActros is The Drinks Club, which operates a 19-tonne eActros 300 model in London. Managing Director Stuart Randall said: “The eActros is far more pleasant to drive than a diesel truck. It’s quiet and smooth but also has excellent and immediate power delivery, so is very easy to pilot among city-centre traffic. Energy efficiency is highly impressive too. The team reports that, on our typical 45- mile daily run, we’re only using around 10-15% of a full charge to complete the route.”


The Mercedes-Benz electric truck range includes eActros 300, 400 and 600 rigid and tractor unit models, with battery capacities – and therefore range capabilities – to suit a wide array of applications.James Venables added: “All our Dealers are fully qualified and eTruck-ready, while our team of eConsultants can provide detailed advice and assistance on all aspects of electric truck operation, from charging infrastructure to a range of digital services to increase utilisation and optimise the total cost of ownership. In addition, our captive finance house, Daimler Truck Financial Services, offers holistic funding solutions to support the transition to eMobility – these include vehicle acquisition, repair & maintenance and charging infrastructure.”

In eActros 300 models, three battery packs provide a total installed capacity of 336 kWh, which in turn translates to a range of up to 330 km (205 miles). Meanwhile eActros 400 variants have four batteries allowing up to 400 km (249 miles) of range.

The eActros 600 is the brand’s first long-haul electric truck, with the ability to travel up to 500 km on a single charge thanks to its 600 kWh of usable capacity.
Mercedes-Benz Trucks will be at Road Transport Expo from 4-6 June where there will be the opportunity to talk to our eMobility specialists about our product offering, charging infrastructure and eConsultancy services.

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