lyall  Cresswell Transport Exchange Group

Transport Exchange Group has updated its mobile app to allow operators to provide customers with the status of their load.

The app is available to Haulage Exchange and Courier Exchange customers and will provide real-time information about their deliveries.

Drivers will be able to use the ‘My Booking’ area on the app to update customers when they arrive for pick-up, when the vehicle has been loaded, and when the load has reached its destination.

Additional information such as number of items, weight, reference, expected time of arrival, and proof of delivery can also be recorded. Email alerts can also be sent to customers.

Transport Exchange Group MD Lyall Cresswell (pictured) said: “Our mobile app is designed to be user-friendly and functional to maximise visibility of available capacity and boost profitability.

"Our latest enhancement will build on the success of this valuable freight exchange tool by helping our members to keep in touch with customers and maintain high levels of service delivery.”

Transport Exchange mobile app

The app was launched last year and is available for Apple and Android smartphones.

Last year the Transport Exchange Group saw a 20% increase in annual transactions.