Vehicle manufacturer Toyota has announced a US-based feasibility study to explore the potential of scaling up its hydrogen fuel cell technology to power an HGV.

The technology is currently used in its zero-emission Mirai car, however the manufacturer believes the system could be used to produce a wide range of zero-emission vehicle options, including lorries.

A statement on its US website read: “The scalability of this technology is enabling the automaker to explore a semi-trailer truck application for a California-based feasibility study.

“The Toyota Mirai will continue to provide a zero emission driving solution for global customers; a heavy-duty truck sized fuel cell vehicle creates a potential zero-emission freight transportation solution for the future.”

The manufacturer said more details on the study, and the continued development of “a hydrogen society”, will be announced in the coming months.

Hydrogen refuelling hubs have continued to increase in the UK, with last month seeing the first solar-powered site opened in London.