First Hydrogen van at HORIBA MIRA test track_Nov 2022 (1)

First Hydrogen is now undertaking mileage accumulation and vehicle evaluation to optimise the efficiency of its zero-emission light commercial vehicles ahead of their deployment by the end of March.

It said that based on vehicle weight, battery size and powertrain energy consumption, its two demonstrator vehicles have an expected range of 400-600km, depending on the route, on a single refuelling.

The tests will put the vehicles through a range of real-world duty cycles, including urban, rural and highways routes.

Initial figures are expected by mid-March and will support First Hydrogen engineers to showcase the vehicles’ competitive total cost of ownership.

It added that the data should also allow customers to draw true comparisons between fuel cell electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles and vehicles with internal combustion engines.

Stephen Pendrey, First Hydrogen chief engineer, said: “These tests are an important part of our vehicle development and help us to ensure the vehicle is performing as efficiently as possible and in line with expectations.”

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