ASCO 22 (Medium)

Telematics specialist Teletrac Navman has secured a contract with logistics company ASCO, to supply its mobile asset and fleet management technology across its 350-strong fleet of vehicles in the UK.

The deal sees Aberdeen-based Asco, which specialises in the new energy, decommissioning and oil and gas sectors, take on Teletrac Navman’s TN360 AI-powered vehicle tracking software.

The platform includes the Insights tool, which provides users with visibility into business and fleet operations. The system can be voice activated with users receiving visual results in response, alllowing teams to rapidly share data and identify anomalies and patterns in their data.

Rebecca Ogg, buyer at ASCO, said: “We operate a large-scale and fast-paced business and needed to find a holistic telematics solution that would accommodate varied assets needs, from trucks, vans, trailers and fuel tankers.

“We really valued the fact that Teletrac Navman’s TN360 solution provides a much greater level of visibility into the data we capture from our fleet. And as a result, we believe this technology will provide us with a more transparent way of working with our customers and will allow both parties to be more informed, so that we can turn data into decisions that benefit both our business and our customers.”

The package includes the Pre-Trip checklist app. Drivers can complete digital checklists via the app, such as vehicle pre-trip inspections and driver fit-for-duty assessments. Data is automatically captured within the telematics platform.

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It also comes with the EasyDocs app enabling users to upload, store and share documents across entire fleets and mobile workforces. The filing system is specifically designed for fleets and enables staff to save time looking for documents.

Peter Millichap, marketing director at Teletrac Navman UK, said: “Our primary aim is to ensure that our customers can access the most relevant and accurate telematics data from their fleets, without the complexity and inefficiency of paper or spreadsheets.

“As the world advances across all areas to become more digital, and the transport and logistics industry pushes towards a safer and more sustainable future, it’s imperative that fleet managers can access data and make decisions for the betterment of their business and the industry as a whole. We are thrilled to have been awarded the contract with ASCO and look forward to working with them.”

The contract also includes the Teletrac Navman’s EV Readiness Tool which analyses all telematics data to provide operators with detailed recommendations of where electric vehicles could be adopted into their operation.

The app also assesses the feasibility of switching, calculating the total cost of ownership of an EV switch versus the existing fleet, including purchase price, residual value, taxes, insurance, maintenance, electricity costs, as well as the total CO2 and fuel savings the business would make.

Ogg said: “As we look ahead to meeting our Net Zero Green House Gas emissions by 2040 target and make the switch to electric vans, we also see Teletrac Navman’s EV Readiness Tool being a very useful addition to our platform.”