Teletrac Navman- International Women's Day

Four women in transport who have gone above and beyond to ensure their operations run smoothly have been highlighted by Teletrac Navman ahead of International Women’s Day.

The campaign, Going the Extra Mile, began last year and recognises and rewards what the telematics specialist said were ‘hidden heroes’ and role models for women looking at a career in transport.

The four chosen this year are based in Australia, the US, New Zealand and the UK.

Beth Jones (below), transport manager at T Alun Jones in mid-Wales, was Teletrac Navman’s UK hidden hero.

Beth Jones

Asked for her advice for women considering a career in transport, Jones said: “Just go for it and show them how it’s done.

“Don’t take no for an answer. They’ll soon get to love you and appreciate how the variation of personalities works brilliantly.”

In support of the campaign is Sonya Byers, chief executive at the Women in Transport network.

She said: “This International Women’s Day, just like Teletrac Navman, Women in Transport is reflecting on its commitment to break the bias by providing women in the transport sector with a supportive and nurturing network that collectively has the power to drive positive change.”