Gas Distribution company SGN is implementing a driver performance improvement programme across its vehicle fleet following a trial that saw it reduce the volume of fuel wasted through idling by almost 68%.

"The company was wasting 13,000 litres a month through vehicle idling alone, but now we are able to provide drivers and managers with visibility around problem trends and the reasons why they occur,” said Chris Stone, head of finance at SGN.

The company will be using TomTom Telematic’s driver behaviour improvement system, OptiDrive 360, in order to monitor speeding, driving events, idling and gear shifting and constant speed

During the initial 100 vehicle trial, SGN also improved average fuel consumption by 11%.

It is anticipating saving around £1m following the implementation of the programme across its 2,000-strong fleet.

"The finance department at SGN recognised a huge opportunity for using driver performance data to transform operational efficiency and we now stand to make major savings on both fuel and maintenance,” added Stone.

The TomTom system also integrates with SGN's fleet management provider Inchcape, allowing them to conduct pre-emptive maintenance work when required.

SGN delivers gas to 5.8 million homes and businesses across Scotland and the south and south-east of England, operating in both urban and rural areas.