The next government must establish a new, ring-fenced freight scrappage fund to help operators working within Clean Air Zones (CAZ) to upgrade their lorries, according to the BVRLA.

The rental and leasing organisation has produced a seven-point manifesto, which it said provides “clear, costed policy measures that will help tackle air quality” and accelerate the transition to a net-zero emission economy.

It said the average rental or leased HGV is nearly half as old as the UK average (3.3 years compared to 7.5 years) and newer vehicles generally meet lower vehicle emission requirements.

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The BVRLA said a targeted clean freight scrappage fund would support CV operators in CAZs.

“The main political parties have provided lots of ambitious targets for reducing transport emissions and congestion but precious little detail on how this rapid transition is going to be achieved,” said BVRLA chief executive Gerry Keaney (above).

“In our manifesto, we have set out some clear, costed policy measures that will help tackle air quality, drive transport behaviour change and accelerate the road to zero.”