Geotab, which specialises in connecting CVs to the cloud, has announced a tie-in with Renault to combine vehicle telematics capabilities with its fleet management platform.

It said this would provide a single point of access for van operators to help them make informed decisions and provide connectivity for fleets of any size.

Customers can choose from Renault models built in 2010 or later and then get a factory-fitted, or retro-fitted, telematics system.

Users then benefit from first-hand OEM data, aggregated in the MyGeotab platform, to manage their fleet.

Renault’s connectivity capabilities can be activated via remote and contactless access, therefore enabling customers to selectively record brand-specific data points, including EV data.

As well as insights into productivity, compliance, efficiency and driver safety, Geotab said the data will also contribute to sustainability efforts, such as route optimisation and minimising idling.

“Future mobility will be data-driven,” said Geotab European VP Christoph Ludewig. “The electrification of fleets will reinforce this trend and pre-installed telematics will become state of the art.

“We are pleased to have found a partner in Renault who has also recognised this trend and with whom we can continue to drive innovation and sustainability in transport.

“We will see the co-existence of internal combustion engines and EV technology for many years to come, so we need a telematics solution that is suited to handling both seamlessly, across one platform,” he added.