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  • Matt Dillon Headshot

    Government must dangle carrots as well as wave stick to speed take up of electric LCVs


    A record year for EVs. A record year for home deliveries. What comes next? Ideally, the electric van boom.Up until recently, electric LCVs (e-LCVs) were considered somewhat of a fantasy. Batteries weren’t powerful enough - and were too big and cumbersome – to allow for proper cargo transportation.But manufacturers have ...

  • Caroline Moody

    Government’s 2040 diesel lorry ban 'impractical and short-sighted'


    The government finally confirmed its short-sighted decision to ban the sale of new diesel lorries by 2040. This deadline may even be brought forward if "technically feasible”.This at a time when the industry is struggling to overcome a huge shortfall in qualified HGV drivers, and it’s predicted the amount of ...

  • John Marks

    Check your insurance cover as cargo theft continues to rise


    “Police warn drivers over recent upsurge in cargo thefts” (Motor Transport 8/2/21)Whilst police have been warning drivers about the alarming rise in cargo thefts since the beginning of 2021, haulage and logistics operators should heed this stark warning.With more than 60 cargo thefts from trucks reported since the beginning of ...

  • 6727-299crop

    How do we get the industry back in the driving seat?


    Aztek Logistics MD Stuart Charter (pictured) assesses the logistics sector's existential crisisAs a regional, national and international haulier, we have always been able to respond to the ebb and flow of customer demand by flexing our mix of directly-employed and agency drivers, a state of affairs that remains the case ...

  • Ryan Barnett

    Some good news but Budget could have done more to help fill the logistics skills gap


    Following a turbulent 12 months for the nation, the 2021 Spring Budget was vital in laying out the path to Britain’s economic recovery. In the view of Logistics UK and its members, there were many positive aspects of the Budget.But Chancellor Rishi Sunak could have gone further to invest ...

  • fraikin

    Unlocking the potential of connected technologies


    MT caught up with commercial contract hire, fleet management and rental firm Fraikin following the publication of MT’s ‘Hot Topic Industry Insight 2021’ report, available to download free of charge. The report looks at a range of topical challenges and opportunities for freight operators, with investment and fleet technology a ...

  • Alistair Hellaby (Dec 2020)

    What will 2021 mean for logistics and supply chain?


    Almost a year ago the country faced its first lockdown and the initial three weeks eventually lasted an unbelievable 14 weeks or so.During that time the supply chain network of the UK was not only put under immense pressure, it also proved its unswerving resilience as it adapted to the ...

  • Nic Pentelow

    Whatever happens with Covid-19 retailers need to remain agile


    If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that you never know what challenges are around the corner or how disruptive they will be. With the UK in the grips of its third national lockdown and retailers across the country having closed their high street stores for business yet again, we expect ...

  • EmilyHardy

    Direct Vision a good step - but does not go far enough


    The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) for commercial vehicles in London is a positive step towards better HGV road safety, but does not go far enough.All goods vehicles over 12 tonnes now require a permit to drive into Greater London, including vehicles from outside the UK.Enforced by TfL, the DVS legislation ...

  • Caroline Moody

    Apprenticeships DO work for HGV driver training


    Caroline Moody with her 2020 Amazon Everywoman in Transport & Logistics freight leader awardThroughout this Covid-19 pandemic the logistics sector has demonstrated the valuable role it plays in enabling this country to function. But is has failed to address the long-term shortage of LGV drivers, estimated at around 50,000, which ...

  • Isaac Occhipinti

    Biomethane can cut carbon emissions from heavy trucks right now


    HGVs are the most challenging road vehicles to transition to electric or hydrogen power, a practical and affordable solution is 20 to 30 years away. This is why major logistics companies across the UK are today switching away from diesel to biomethane gas as a transport fuel, which can be ...

  • Article

    Internet of Things can safely improve efficiency of logistics operations


    Supply chains are constantly battling challenges, with unforeseen delays, restrictions and thefts causing disruption at every turn. More recently, the pandemic threatened the continuity of supply chains more severely than any event in recent memory.Lockdowns imposed across Europe and the rest of the world in response have caused disruption to ...

  • Al Evans Product Manager

    Don't forget handling equipment when looking at electric vehicles


    Electrification within the transport industry has been gaining traction for some years, but the discussion rarely includes truck mounted equipment or cranes. Lifting equipment plays a vital role in the sector and shouldn’t be overlooked.The whole industry needs to think more holistically about developing greener equipment and electrification is just ...

  • Article

    How do you do home delivery of a washing machine in a Covid-19 world?


    So, it is pretty well documented that those of us involved in e-commerce and home delivery have benefited from an increase in online shopping during this pandemic. As a result, despite the massive changes that we have had to implement to keep our people and customers safe, and the subsequent ...

  • Paul Holland

    Controlling your fleet in the backdrop of the Covid-19 oil price crash


    The commercial fuel market is complex at the best of times. However, in a year that has seen many factors impact the price of fuel, it is important to take a look at these factors and help fleets with the best tips in managing their fuel consumption.The price of fuel ...

  • Peter Mansfield 1

    Lessons learned: How supermarkets are adapting to surge in delivery demand


    The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent nationwide lockdown created a fundamental shift in consumer demand and expectation from supermarkets.With many shoppers unwilling or unable to leave their homes and physical stores struggling with excessive queuing and empty shelves, it’s no surprise that online grocery sales grew by 92%, ...

  • Mads Friis Jensen

    Methanol could be another option as a low carbon fuel for heavy trucks


    Electrification of road transport is gaining momentum as a solution for long-term decarbonisation of the global transportation sector.For light-duty vehicles, direct electrification with batteries is a promising and energy-efficient candidate for reducing CO2 and other harmful emissions. It is also a potential solution for heavy-duty trucks with short-range requirements and ...

  • Robin Woodbridge

    Logistics and transport sector must build on a new level of awareness created by the Covid-19 pandemic


    Back in February, before the UK’s nationwide Covid-19 lockdown, internet sales as a percentage of total retail sales stood at just 18% and few people understood (or cared) how the goods they ordered online, or picked from the supermarket shelf, actually arrived at their final destination.On 16 March, when the ...

  • Dominic_Bartholdi

    Logistics firms missing out on government grants for R&D


    We find that companies from all sectors have the potential to claim UK R&D tax relief. For tax purposes the definition of R&D is very broad.We know that logistics businesses of all kinds are benefitting from innovative technology which is constantly streamlining their processes and allowing them to work more ...

  • Derek_Bryan

    How the pandemic has accelerated the changing role of the HGV driver


    Photo: Johnny Bambury/Fennell PhotographyThe life of a professional driver has changed dramatically over the last few years, with technology playing a huge part in this. One man and his truck has turned into one person, their truck and their digital toolbox.Drivers are now part of a hyper-connected organisation joined up ...