MT caught up with commercial contract hire, fleet management and rental firm Fraikin following the publication of MT’s ‘Hot Topic Industry Insight 2021’ report, available to download free of charge. The report looks at a range of topical challenges and opportunities for freight operators, with investment and fleet technology a key theme.

‘Unlocking the potential of connected technologies’: Darren Hall, MD, Fraikin

“With less than a third of respondents to this survey looking to invest in fleet technology in 2021, there is an argument to be made that the road transport industry can be slower than other sectors to embrace the benefits new technologies have to offer.

“Take telematics for example... When used correctly, these systems can provide a significant return on investment through better fleet management and improved operational efficiency. As one of the largest commercial vehicle contract hire and rental companies in Europe, Fraikin is ideally positioned to guide its customers on how best to utilise the technology available to them.

173 Fraikin Darren Hall

“The majority of those in this survey saw telematics primarily as a way of tracking a vehicle’s whereabouts, alongside certain driver behaviours. A good telematics package can offer so much more, providing a real-time operational view of every vehicle in a fleet.

“For example, simply by monitoring key vehicle operating parameters, it is possible to take preventative action to avoid unexpected downtime and costly repairs, as well as combat poor driving practices to help reduce parts wear and increase fuel efficiency. Plus, the right telematics solution can help develop better route planning to cut mileage, support regulatory compliance and even reduce insurance premiums through monitored load security or the use of integrated camera systems. The list goes on!

“The most comprehensive packages provide a wealth of real-time data, offering a detailed overview of a fleet’s operational dynamics. Understanding this information is the key to unlocking significant efficiency improvements, as well as a potential reduction in operating costs. But it’s the ability to competently de-code this data which is often the biggest stumbling block for operators; and that’s where Fraikin can step in. By combining telematics and maintenance/repair data, Fraikin can provide much greater operational insight, including any cost implications for your fleet.

“Our skilled team can use telematics data to proactively suggest steps which can have a significant impact. For example, for one major home delivery fleet our telematics analysis led to a saving of more than £1.5 million over three years, which certainly provides some food for thought.

“We believe connected technologies should be designed with the future in mind, delivering results for the life of the vehicle. No matter the type of business or size of fleet, we have extensive expertise at finding the right solution, and then using the resulting data to unlock a fleet’s full potential. That, in essence, is the trick to unlocking the potential of these connected technologies and making them work for your business.”