APC Cambridge is reporting year-on-year growth of 43% growth, which it attributes to the boom in online shopping in the Cambridge region and the resilience of its SME customers during the pandemic.

The company, which is part of parcel delivery network APC, said its top ten customers have achieved an average of 30% year-on-year growth, with those in the food and drink sector showing the most significant growth during the pandemic as consumers looked to source products online.

APC Cambridge said consumers are also increasingly looking to support small businesses and contribute to local economies when making purchases, evident in the increase in local deliveries being made across Cambridge and the surrounding CB postcodes.

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Geoff Morland, APC Cambridge owner, said: “The small business scene across Cambridge has continued to thrive this year, with SMEs across the region proving their resilience and entrepreneurialism.

“All of our staff - from our customer services team talking to customers daily, to the warehouse teams sorting and organising each delivery and the delivery drivers on the road - have worked relentlessly these past months, to support this resilience and ensure local businesses always have a local team working in partnership with them.

“As we enter the busy festive season, we look forward to continuing to support our local SMEs and helping them succeed through this period.”

The company is now focusing on the Christmas peak with plans to recruit seven new drivers this year.

Jonathan Smith, chief executive of The APC, said: “The tireless efforts and adaptability of staff across The APC network has not gone unnoticed this year. As we move ever closer towards Christmas, we expect to see parcel volumes continue to break records and staff continue to go the extra mile. I have great confidence in our network, including APC Cambridge, in its commitment to working hard to help service local SMEs and customers around the country.”