Asda has taken delivery of nearly 170 new refrigerated trailers, all fitted with Carrier Transicold’s flagship Vector HE 19 MT units.

The move comes after a successful 12-month trial which highlighted the system's environmental credentials, fuel savings and alternative power options.

A long-standing Carrier Transicold customer, the latest delivery means every new 13.6m trailer entering service for Asda is fitted with a Vector HE 19 MT unit.

When operating on mains power, Asda said competitor units suffered a loss of up to 40% kilowatt cooling power because of the need to convert the electrical energy back into mechanical drive to power the refrigeration circuit.

To fully utilise the unit’s power and versatility, Asda specified three different trailer types, comprised of 128 dual-compartment Schmitz Cargobull builds, alongside 30 full-width triple-compartment and 11 triple-lane designs from Gray & Adams, each capable of maintaining three separate temperature set points.

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“When we took the two trial Vector HE 19 units in 2019, we wanted to see whether they would truly deliver on the promised step-up in performance,” said Peter Hey, procurement manager - national fleets, Asda. “They didn’t disappoint. The new Vector provides the reliability and powerful performance we’ve come to expect from Carrier, coupled with quieter operation, significant fuel savings and lower operating costs. The system is also very impressive when running on electrical supply, which is a major plus point as we continue towards our fleet sustainability goals as a business.”

The Vector HE 19 features a new multi-speed engine design, helping to deliver up to 30% lower fuel consumption compared to its predecessor, the Vector 1950. At the same time, the oil drain interval for the unit’s engine is doubled when compared to the legacy unit. The system is also 19% more efficient when plugged into the electrical grid on standby, providing reductions in diesel, maintenance and electricity use. It is also compatible with engineless technology.

The supermarket chain will also continue to benefit from its longstanding aftersales support arrangement.