8) Ray Ashworth

Title: MD Daf Trucks UK

One in every three trucks registered every month is a Daf, which means arguably, he is man who ultimately dictates the price of anywhere between 26% to 30% of new trucks bought in the UK.

In August 2015 Daf celebrated 20 consecutive years of topping the SMMT’s monthly new registration figures for vehicles over six tonnes (back in 1994 the market leader was Iveco) and since August it has remained firmly entrenched in that position. During those 20 years Daf’s of various guises have won MT’s Fleet Truck of the Year 11 times, denoting its consistency.

This year he has looked to address shortages of truck supply in the construction sector, and long lead times among bodybuilders, via its Tip, Skip, Grab and Hook programme which put vehicles into the market to meet demand during short-term peaks. Okay, 70% of the market might reject the market leader, but Ashworth still helms that leader.

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