Mitchells of Mansfield has praised Bridgestone’s fleet management tool Webfleet after it supported the haulier’s transition to electric with the delivery of an 18-tonne Renault E Tech D Wide.

Webfleet telematics data was used to confirm which of the Nottinghamshire pallet distributor’s trucks should be replaced and with which battery.

MD Richard Montgomery (pictured) said: “With Webfleet, we could see exact mileage, tail lift use and average speeds for the original diesel truck – allowing us to anticipate exact energy needs.
“This meant we didn’t overspend on battery packs we didn’t need and it ensures that the battery will perform right up to the end of its term.”

Montgomery added that the time for hauliers to start removing diesel trucks from their fleet was now, not tomorrow: “The truck may have been three times the price of a diesel truck, but with an eight-year-old daughter’s future to consider, I know there is no plan B,” he said.

“We don’t need greenwashing – we need real action to reduce our carbon emissions.

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“We’ve already attracted some major contracts as a direct result, with clients citing our commitment to green transport as a key driver in their decision making.”

Mitchells said it had not invested in “an expensive proprietary chargepoint”, but instead was running a three-phase electrical cable to a charging post at its Mansfield depot.

“It works faultlessly,” said Montgomery. “We get an email alert via Webfleet whenever the truck is plugged in, when it has reached capacity and if there are any interruptions with the charger.

“We will also definitely be swapping three of our diesel vans to electric later this year, if the Webfleet data proves the business case.”

The company is committed to becoming 100% carbon neutral by 2027, with initiatives ranging from office lighting updates and electric forklift trucks to carbon offsetting.

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