Miniclipper Logistics has chosen DAF for the first time, taking delivery of two new LF260 18-tonne curtainsiders.

The order coincided with two MAN XXL 6x2 tractor units joining the fleet, as well as two Lawrence David doubledeck trailers, following an evaluation of its routes and vehicle utilisation.

Lee Atterbury, Miniclipper transport operations director, said: “We have seen a major growth in new contracts in the home counties and into London, including a doubling of home deliveries which generally requires smaller trucks.

“We have used the vehicle and trailer shortage to evaluate what the next level of fleet investment we might need to be to accommodate this new workload.

“This includes starting to evaluate vehicles and routes more carefully to understand how electric trucks might work for us.

“We have also had initial conversations about a hybrid electric/hydrogen approach."

The firm has also equipped 24 of its trucks to meet TfL's Direct Vision Standard, even though many don’t yet run into London.

Miniclipper said drivers have welcomed this, as the rear facing camera and screen have improved visibility and resulted in fewer reversing bumps, which should reduce insurance premiums too.

In addition, it has also equipped its eight 7.5 tonners with motorised pallet trucks to make deliveries to private houses easier and avoid injury.

“It’s an exciting time to be in transport with lots of new challenges and new technologies being introduced to help overcome them,” said Atterbury. “It is a perfect time for us to take a step back and make the fleet as efficient and sustainable as possible for the future.”