110122 - DOTY Awards 2022 Nominations open banner

Microlise is calling for nominations as it launches its search for this year’s best truck driver.

The Microlise driver of the Year event, now in its eighth year, shortlists drivers by analysing a year’s worth of Microlise telematics performance data to reveal the most talented short, medium, and long-distance drivers.

The process sees the Microlise Data Science team initially analyse more than 240,000 anonymous drivers’ telematics records from 2021.

Data will be anonymised and analysed, with company, contract and driver personal identification information removed.

The process, initially developed in conjunction with The University of Nottingham’s Advanced Data Analytics Centre, will identify the best performing drivers.

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There are also five additional nomination-based categories - Young Driver, Most Improved, Lifetime Achievement, Driver Hero and Extra Mile. These are open to all truck drivers, regardless of whether Microlise telematics technology is used.

Drivers and transport managers are invited to nominate their colleagues whilst employers provide qualitative evidence to back up the entry.

An independent panel of industry experts will shortlist three drivers in each category and oversee the awards process.

Nadeem Raza, chief executive at Microlise, said: “These are one of the most comprehensive awards for drivers of heavy commercial vehicles and is one of our favourite projects of the year as it allows us to celebrate the tremendous contribution drivers make to the transport industry and to our economy as a whole.

“Our data science team uses the latest technology to evaluate data from hundreds of thousands of anonymous drivers, to help us to understand who is the country’s best driver."

Nominations can be made at the Microlise Driver of the Year Award website (http://awards.microliseconference.com) on or before Friday 18th February 2022.