Traffic commissioner (TC) for the South East Nick Denton has issued Lloyd Fraser with a formal warning, after an investigation into driver card discrepancies at the company.

At a public inquiry held in Eastbourne earlier this month, the TC was told that there had been a failure by the Rugby-based tanker and general haulier to compare the vehicle unit with the driver card data. This resulted in significant instances of driving without a card inserted going undetected.

On occasions, drivers had driven for more than 4½ hours without a break and/or failed to take minimum rest.

TC Denton also heard there had been occasional exceeding of the eight weekly safety inspection period, and missing details on driver defect report sheets.

However, the TC said the company had made a concerted effort to address the issues well before the public inquiry and noted that:

  • Drivers’ rates of infringements are now at a low level.
  • Missing mileage data is now available, and is being investigated.
  • There are no incidents of driving all day without a card being inserted. One driver has been disciplined for inserting has card at his first drop and an overall disciplinary system is in place;
  • The driver defect reporting system has now been tightened up, although there may still be room for random audits to be carried out;
  • The preventative maintenance inspection frequency is now being strictly adhered to; and
  • The company has an excellent MoT pass rate, and a very low prohibition rate.

The TC commented that the company was now “generally compliant” and that he “could trust them to remain compliant.”

An undertaking was recorded on Lloyd Fraser’s O-Licence that an independent audit of its maintenance and drivers' hours systems, and their effectiveness, be carried out by 31 January 2015.