Eco haulier Howard Tenens, which has pioneered a range of low carbon technologies including gas powered trucks, has completed a trial with Bridgestone proving the financial and environmental benefits of low rolling resistance tyres.

The privately owned logistics company tested Bridgestone’s Ecopia HS1 (steer) and HD1 (drive) products against its conventional R-Steer and M729 (drive) 315/80R22.5 tyres for 134 days.

The green tyres used 2.11% less fuel, due to Bridgestone's NanoPro-Tech compound which reduces energy loss in the top compound as the tyre rotates. If this saving was replicated across its fleet, it would cut Howard Tenens' annual fuel bill by £133,246.

Howard Tenens’ director and company secretary Ben Morris said: “The results certainly exceeded my expectations. They proved that the life of the Ecopia tyre is much more than the industry believes to be the case. To gain a forecast of 2/3rds the life of a normal tyre - for a nominal cost increase of around £30 per tyre – is compelling.

“And a predicted saving of around £2,500 per vehicle over three years, based on current fuel prices, is a substantial amount once you start spreading it over a whole fleet.”