A hero lorry driver helped save the life of a motorist who suffered a heart attack while driving on the M6 toll road, by dragging him from his crashed car and performing CPR.

Quick-thinking Kirk Mount (pictured), who works for Mark Thompson Transport, manoeuvred his fully-laden 44-tonne truck across all three lanes of the motorway after a Range Rover crashed into the central reservation and rolled backwards ahead of him.

The car doors were locked so former soldier Mount, 35, along with a couple in another vehicle, smashed a window and opened the driver’s side to find a man unresponsive inside.

He had no pulse and was not breathing, so the trucker hauled him from the car and performed CPR on him at the roadside.

Luckily, a medical professional witnessed the incident and had a defibrillator with him, which he used to revive the driver.

By the time the ambulance arrived, the man had a pulse and was breathing again.

He is expected to make a full recovery.

Mount, who served in the Royal Artillery for seven years, said: “It was a combined effort by several of us to save this man’s life.

“It’s really nice to hear he is recovering. It could have had such a different, tragic outcome.

“My military training kicked in when I saw what was happening. My first thought was to position my lorry to protect the driver and others approaching, to prevent anyone hitting his vehicle and causing further incidents. His car was in a very dangerous position.

“I was a bit shaken by it all, but glad to be able to help.”

Mount’s boss Mark Thompson described his driver’s actions as “amazing”.

He said: “We had a call from the M6toll team explaining they wanted to thank him too, as he was their hero.

“We’re very proud of Kirk. It was a distressing and unpleasant incident, but Kirk kept his cool and used his military training to help ensure a happy outcome.

“We wish the motorist involved all the best.”