A new price comparison website aimed at fleet operators has been launched by former operator Simon Marsh.

Fleetscompare.com enables operators to compare prices on a wide range of products and services including insurance, camera systems, telematics, fuel cards, driver training and vehicle purchasing and rental.

Marsh, who has run his own fleets, said he has negotiated “large discounts” from suppliers for operators who purchase through Fleetscompare.com, enabling significant savings to be made.

The company is also sourcing products such as cameras direct from the factory, enabling savings to be passed onto customers.

With 20 years experience in fleet management and pioneering the development of in-cab camera systems, Marsh said: “Having operated a fleet of 200 vehicles that was using cameras and telematics, I fully understand the benefits of vehicle technology and the complexity of choosing the right supplier.

"My firsthand experience of procurement in fleet insurance, CCTV and vehicles is the reason behind the launch of Fleetscompare.”

Marsh said that many insurance providers are now seeing the benefits of in-cab cameras in reducing claims, and Fleetscompare is only working with insurers who have schemes in place to support camera technology.