Hauliers are at risk of falling behind in the benefits they offer employees compared to other sectors, according to a new report.

Transport and logistics scored just 351 out of 2,000 in an employee benefits index compiled by equity management platform Vestd.

It gave each industry a weighted score out of 100, based on the percentage of jobs that had each benefit, and totalled up the scores to give a score out of 2,000.

The top 10 industries with the best offerings included aerospace and defence, agriculture, finance and manufacturing.

Industries at risk of falling behind in providing attractive benefits packages to prospective employees were education, healthcare and real estate.

Common benefits found in job descriptions included flexible working, company share schemes, private medical insurance and enhanced maternity and paternity leave.

Ifty Nasir, Vestd founder and CEO, said: “While many companies like to shout about the office pool table or mini bar, we’re seeing people veering away from these sorts of quirky benefits while on the hunt for their next role.

“Given the cost of living crisis, employees are now on the lookout for tangible benefits that offer a true reward for their hard work or help them to achieve their day-to-day duties in the role. Employees are much more inclined to buy into the ethos of the company if they’re given shares as part of their compensation package.”