Eurotunnel trucks

The number of trucks crossing the English Channel via Eurotunnel’s Truck Shuttle service fell by over 100,000 last year, the cross-channel tunnel operator has confirmed.

In 2013, 1.36 million trucks used the service – down 7% on the 1.46m recorded the previous year.

Explaining the figure, Eurotunnel said truck shuttle traffic had been boosted in 2012 by the demise of ferry operator Seafrance and by additional traffic generated by the London Olympic Games.

It added that the truck shuttle’s total market share of 38.6% was still above the average recorded before 2012.

Eurotunnel which also reported a 12% rise in turnover last year to €1.09bn (£910m) with pre-tax profits of €20m, recently announced a £1m investment in upgrading accommodation for truck drivers using the service.