TfL has said ULEMCo’s conversion of a Ford Transit to diesel/hydrogen dual-fuel running qualifies the vehicle for a 100% Congestion Charge discount.

It came after the converted 2.2 litre Transit was found to meet TfL requirements for exemption from the charge: namely, emissions of less than 75g/km and a Euro-5b standard engine or above.

ULEMco said eligibility for the Congestion Charge discount should now apply to any vehicles of the same engine/type it converts,  although it is awaiting official confirmation of this from TfL.

Amanda Lyne, CEO of ULEMCo, said: “As far as we know, this is the first vehicle in this type (1.8-3.5 tonne) that meets both air quality and carbon emission requirements in London.

“It will provide our customers with a significant incentive to make the conversion, beyond the motive of environmental responsibility”.

In September Fife Council said it would trial ULEMCo’s dual-fuel hydrogen-diesel refuse vehicles and vans.