The last two weeks has seen a huge amount written about the death of six cyclists in London and The Hub,'s blog that looks at the stories behind the headlines, has been digging deep to find the facts in an emotive issue.

On 14 November The Hub thought it would be useful to take a step back and look at road casualties as a whole giving the recent space of cyclist deaths some context in the national picture. The Hub also conducted a Q&A with Christopher Snelling, head of urban logistics policy at the FTA, who said the industry is doing a lot already, but needs to do more.

We then had chat with Miniclipper MD Peter Masters who is of the view that more safety equipment should be standard on trucks from scratch.

Then we looked at the unheard voice of the pedestrian; 69 of which were killed last year in London - and today we look at the impact that a celebrity endorsement can have on the concerted pro-cycling campaign.

This afternoon (20 November) London Mayor Boris Johnson told the London Assembly: “What would be the effect, in terms of lives saved, of banning lorries in the peak hours? We need to dig into this a lot and we need to work out how it would work. I am not adverse to the idea instinctively.”

He added: “I don’t rule it out. We are going to look at all the experiences of other cities.”