CSG tanker

North East drainage specialist CSG has splashed out £85,000 on a new DAF tanker to support householders with septic tank requirements.

The 2,000 gallon tanker has been added to the 12-strong fleet on the Bolckow industrial estate premises in Teesside as part of a continuing expansion programme, which it said had helped deliver £1m of profit last year.

Craif Dufferwiel, CSG regional business manager, said: “We already had an excellent specialist waste collection fleet, capable of handling a wide variety of industrial waste streams, but didn’t previously have a vehicle suitable to service domestic customers.

“The new DAF tanker is smaller than our other vehicles and offers the manoeuvrability needed to safely access households that need septic tank emptying.

“Built-in jetting equipment allows our driver operators to deliver a comprehensive tank maintenance service for domestic septic tanks, cesspits and sewage treatment plants.”

Privately-owned CSG operates the largest independent fleet of specialist waste management vehicles from 27 sites in the UK.