Maxi Haulage

Scottish operator Maxi Haulage, part of Maxi Group, has revealed a 17% increase in turnover but says the “competitive nature of the haulage industry” is keeping  profit margins tight.

In unaudited accounts set to be filed at Companies House later this month, Maxi reveals that for the year-ending 30 September it saw revenue rise to £40.4m, from £34.5m a year ago.

Pre-tax profit rose 6% to £2m from £1.9m in the previous 12 month period.

Chairman Gerry Atkinson tells “The competitive nature of the industry means we are unable to increase our charges to recover for inflation.

“We also do everything possible to reduce costs to improve margins  but these are not enough to cover the inflation.”

Atkinson says these measures include  improving fuel economy; reducing empty running and maximising usage with 24 hour running and seven day a week operations, where possible.

“The results represent a continuing success story in the most challenging market conditions we have ever experienced,” he adds.

Maxi Haulage has invested £3.8m in new trucks and trailers over the last 18 months financed out of reserves and cash flow.  A new depot at Warrington has also been purchased since the year end.