Norbert Dentressangle truck

Norbert Dentressangle has won a contract with Spanish yacht furniture manufacturer Cándido Hermida, to transport product between Spain and the UK.

ND will provide ‘just in time’ deliveries using a dedicated fleet to Poole, Dorset, where the yachts are produced on tight schedules.

Through the operator's Red Europe Express pallet delivery service, product is collected regularly from Naron in north west Spain on Friday for delivery at 8am on Monday. Depending on demand, ND will make transit times quicker for urgent orders by using France’s major trunk roads.

Fernando Loureiro Pedreda, transport manager at Cándido Hermida, said: “Norbert Dentressangle’s Red Europe Express has the flexibility and resource to ensure the production line is kept running to clockwork and customer orders are completed on schedule.”

Cándido Hermida also produces store fittings for retailers such as Mango, Zara and Guess.