Biomethane supplier ReFuels said it was playing a fundamental role in helping haulage fleets cut CO2 emissions after it began building a new refuelling station in Doncaster.

It said access to the Bio-CNG fuel by hauliers travelling to and from UK ports would be transformed by the construction of the station.

It puts four of the country’s largest ports within a four-to-five-hour reach of the station, with Immingham docks sitting within an hour’s range of the location.

Refuels said several of its customers already have warehousing and distribution bases in the area, including Amazon, DHL and Lidl.

Philip Fjeld, CEO and co-founder of ReFuels, said: “As a key logistics hub in the UK, the Doncaster station will not only expand the reach of low-carbon deliveries for our existing customers, but many major brands and local hauliers looking to make substantial emission cuts of over 90% from fleets.”

The Doncaster station is owned by a joint venture with Foresight Group. ReFuels said it will feature 10 fuel pump islands, enabling more than 500 trucks to be refuelled daily.

The current CNG Fuels network in the UK, consisting of 13 stations, can refuel more than 6,500 HGVs daily.

It added that in addition to Doncaster, the group has one more station under construction in Aylesford and expects one further station to commence construction during the financial reporting year ending 31 March 2024.

Last week, ReFuels opened the first biomethane refuelling station in Wales, in Parc Bryn Cegin, Bangor