Market analysts Analytiqa has teamed up with FireDog Research - set up by former SfL chief executive Ross Moloney (pictured) - to launch a benchmarking service enabling logistics operators to find out how their company compares with their peers in a range of HR and customer related KPIs.

The new service has been launched because "whilst measuring operational performance is taken for granted in supply chains, little time and thought is given by manufacturers, retailers and 3PLs to evaluate the success, or otherwise, of this vital business function".

Analytiqa MD Mark O’Bornick said: “Employees will complete a strictly confidential questionnaire and once submitted, our team at Analytiqa will tell them how they fit as a point of reference, with the rest of the supply chain sector. Our aim is to save our customers money by improving their efficiency.”

Employers can also engage Analytiqa to undertake both employee and customer surveys as part of a wider evaluation of HR performance.

FireDog Research MD Moloney said: “Knowing how your people and your customers think is key to businesses thriving in the logistics sector. Our team of experts will work to help you identify and overcome challenges inside and outside of your business environment.”

Employers interested in learning more about the logistics benchmarking kit and satisfaction survey analysis should contact Analytiqa at