Car transporter Beamish Transport has ceased trading due to the downturn in the car industry and uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

The county Durham firm appointed administrators from KSA Group today (8 March) to achieve “an orderly closure”.

Dominic Fisher, Beamish Transport’s operations manager, told the decision was “massively sad” and meant making up to 76 drivers redundant, plus office staff.

He said its closure was due to “the incredible ongoing pressure in the industry caused by the diesel emissions scandal, which has severely damaged new car sales and secondly, the massive uncertainty from Brexit.

“It’s badly hit new car sales. It’s meant a 23 -24% reduction in business," Fisher said.

"New car and used car sales have destroyed the business.”

He added that the company had been working tirelessly for the last six weeks to try and avoid closing down but had "reached the end of the line".

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“The government could see this coming, the whole motor industry is screaming at them and there’s been no response from them," said Fisher.

"There’s been no help, no assistance, no nothing. We are one of six gone in the last few weeks, it’s going to continue until it destroys a massive player.

“We are not a small company, but one of the big players will fold and then maybe the government will act.”

Fisher added: “We feel very strongly about this, we are not bitter but we are aggrieved about what’s occurred because of the blind ignorance by the government.”

Beamish Transport has been trading since 1992 and held a standard national licence authorising up to 45 HGVs and 45 trailers out of five operating centres across the North East.

Administrator Eric Walls at KSA Group said: “It is with great regret that the directors of Beamish Transport Limited can confirm that the company has appointed administrators.

“Eric Walls and Wayne Harrison of KSA Group have been appointed as joint administrators today.

“The company has been hit by the downturn in the car industry and also by the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

“It will now need to cease trading and will be undergoing an orderly closure.”

The administrators are now assessing the situation and said they will endeavour to keep all stakeholders informed. “However, at this stage, no further comment will be made," Walls added.