Fleet management software developer AssetGo has launched a significant new development to its platform, combining vehicle maintenance and tachograph analysis into a single, easy to use system.


This eliminates the need for multiple systems, allowing users to gain a single view, save time, reduce complexity and improve overall operational efficiency.

AssetGo’s new tachograph analysis and drivers hours module enables vehicles and drivers to be easily onboarded using data cards, capturing all their details without manual entry.

The platform allows fleet managers to generate bespoke reports that cover both tachograph analysis and maintenance activities. These reports and a real-time dashboard provide valuable insights into fleet performance, enabling users to make informed decisions, identify trends and take proactive measures to optimise operations.

Managers can now gain visibility of total drivers’ hours and availability within the system, enabling users to plan and allocate as required and avoid driver shortage and vehicle downtime. It also flags up where drivers’ hours are missing, enabling managers to chase and manually enter missing information.

The maintenance side of AssetGo’s platform is approved by the DVSA for Earned Recognition and the firm is currently working with the DVSA to obtain approval for its new drivers’ hours module.

AssetGo’s MD Matt Cotton said: “The new tachograph analysis and drivers hours module is a significant development for our business, and takes the system to the next level. We have worked closely with clients to ensure the development provides the functionality they need, and user feedback has been extremely positive.”