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A survey by Logistics UK has revealed that 96% of UK logistics businesses are now reporting problems recruiting HGV drivers.

The severe lack of HGV drivers in the UK is highlighted in Logistics UK’s latest Performance Tracker for September 2021.

It also reveals a general skills shortage across the board, not just among HGV drivers, with more than 13% of businesses now reporting severe to very severe problems recruiting warehouse staff compared to September 2020, when zero respondents reported facing recruitment challenges. Almost a quarter (24.5%) of respondents also reported severe or very severe problems recruiting van drivers, compared to zero respondents in September 2020.

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Elizabeth de Jong, policy director at Logistics UK, said: “The results of the September 2021 Performance Tracker show that the logistics industry is suffering from skills shortages that go beyond HGV drivers; businesses are also facing challenges recruiting for vital roles such as warehouse staff, van drivers, fitters, mechanics, technicians, forklift drivers and transport managers.

“While we are pleased to see logistics businesses are taking steps to attract and retain HGV drivers – through measures such as pay increases, recruitment drives, and the introduction of apprenticeship and upskilling training schemes – we are concerned that some supply chain disruption will continue until these crucial roles are filled.”