Wren Kitchens said it had witnessed a “massive increase” in defect reporting – and a corresponding improvement in the speed of fault rectification – after investing in digital management software Truckfile.

More defects are being reported and more of the faults identified are being fixed faster than ever before, said the Barton-upon-Humber firm’s national fleet manager Lee Thompson-Halls:

“The figures speak for themselves,” he said. “In 2021, for the first two weeks of March we had 17 defects reported. By 2022, with our drivers using Truckfile, we had 360 issues identified in the same period. This year the corresponding time window has seen more than 700 deficiencies flagged up.

“To be clear, that’s not because more is going wrong with our vehicles. It’s because Truckfile has helped us tighten the net so that flaws are not slipping through unnoticed.”

Wren said the driver app was not only helping to identify more problems, it was also reducing the time taken to remedy them.

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Thompson-Halls said: “Last year 56% of faults identified were rectified during the same working day, and 82% inside 24 hours.

“This year those figures rose to 66% and 94%, respectively. Crucially, addressing these potential problems sooner translates into a noticeable reduction in downtime.”

Wren said the improvements were down to the use of the software for daily driver checks, backed up by staff training so that faults can now be logged quickly and backed up with photographs or videos.

It added that the use of Truckfile had also helped it to achieve earned recognition status.