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  • Andrew_Galliers

    Don’t sit back and watch your business fail - take action


    A report from November 2023 found that 463 haulage firms had gone bankrupt in the previous 12 months, and just over 6 months on, anecdotal evidence suggests the trend remains. Factors such as high debt servicing costs, fuel prices, wage growth, and consumer demands for technology and ...

  • Paul-Lawrence

    Creating safer vehicles on the UK’s ‘safest roads’


    Designed to ease traffic flow on UK roads, smart motorways rely on technology to limit congestion and have been dubbed the UK’s ‘safest roads’. However, with technical issues causing frequent incidents, it’s not enough for fleet operators to rely on government technology alone. To truly safeguard drivers ...


    Why developing electric trucks has become a risky business


    The road to zero emissions for those currently operating in the logistics supply chain is paved with a multiplicity of product offerings from a worldwide manufacturing base. Unfortunately, many of the emerging EV commercial vehicle suppliers have failed, or run into difficulties, for a variety of reasons.


    The importance of collaboration for our sector


    As our industry faces unique challenges on a number of fronts, there’s much work happening and much work to do.

  • David-Coombes-800x642

    How can we steer the logistics industry towards a stable workforce?


    Last week, I was invited to attend the Road Transport Expo, and hear the latest Asset Alliance Industry Monitor briefing. Recruitment and Retention remains one of the biggest challenges keeping truck operators awake at night.

  • Reid RHA PPA Director Devolved Ntns

    New Freeports offer an opportunity to improve facilities


    We know that there are not enough secure parking facilities in the UK. Estimates show that there is a deficit of around 11,000 spaces every night but herein lies one of the problems. No government, whether that be HM government centrally or devolved, can say with any degree of certainty ...

  • Jo Fieldcrop

    Five ways to close the gender gap in road transport and logistics


    With only 26% of the transport workforce being made up of women, it’s an important conversation to examine the challenges women in transport face today.

  • NewIan-Dennis_01_High-res

    For asset financing to support net-zero, it cannot mimic structures of the past


    The heavy-duty vehicle (HDV) sector is a mature market, with diesel vehicle values and lifecycles well established and operating cycles and residual values known variables.

  • richardsmith_338316

    Our industry is key to economic growth


    With an election now on our doorstep, businesses throughout the United Kingdom will be looking to the nation’s political leaders for a clear, concise blueprint for the way ahead. Our members and our industry want leaders to have a debate and ultimately, a plan in place to get the UK ...

  • Pag

    A call to the new mayors – focus on freight


    The recent local elections saw the election of ten mayors across England.

  • Thomas Olsson

    AI in the world of logistics: How’s the future looking?


    Logistics, especially heavy logistics, is still very old fashioned and hasn’t really embraced change. I always remember one of my first visits to a transport company more than 20 years ago, when we did a system upgrade and introduced the internet at the time when the depot was using modems.

  • Mike ParrNew

    The latest blow to fresh produce imports


    The introduction of new fixed charges on imports of fresh produce and plants is yet another blow to the already fragile fresh produce sector which has already been hit by so many additional costs and challenges due to the post-Brexit border control plans.

  • conferencerichardsmith2023_242100

    A dedicated logistics minister would boost industry confidence


    We talk a lot about collaboration at the RHA. Indeed, it’s one of the six defined values that our staff decided we should live by as a trade association, and we proudly hold ourselves to that standing commitment. Taking the lead from your members and working with them on tackling ...

  • chrisclowes_805028

    GXO likely to swallow Wincanton’s operations and brand…


    It’s been interesting to see the Wincanton acquisition unfold in recent weeks. Following GXO’s offer, CMA CGM have not increased theirs, leaving just one on the table. The prospect of GXO buying Wincanton is a very different proposition compared to that of CMA CGM’s offer. With CMA CGM, Wincanton’s customers ...

  • David Heath

    Respect your drivers and you’ll reap the benefits


    With employee engagement having become a real buzz phrase over recent years, its importance cannot be underestimated. David Heath, head of fuels at Suttons Tankers explains how having an engaged workforce boosts productivity, increases loyalty and ultimately leads to satisfied employees which, in turn, results in improved performance and better ...

  • Chris-Clowes

    To what extent will AI impact the 3PL industry?


    3PL providers have a challenge on their hands as the pace of change continues to escalate. The hurdles that lie ahead are multifaceted with environmental concerns, technological advancements, workforce dynamics and evolving customer preferences all requiring immediate attention. Take AI for example. The technology appears ...

  • Phil-Pluck-CCF-(002)

    Manifesto for the temperature-controlled logistics sector reminds politicians of its importance to UK plc


    As the UK’s political parties hone their manifestos ahead of this year’s general election, this is a vital time to ensure that all those hoping to form the next government have a deep understanding of the impacts of their policy choices on the nation’s logistics provision. Logistics ...

  • Aliaksandr Kuushynau

    HGV fleet management set for radical overhaul


    In the dynamic realm of transport and logistics, 2024 presents pivotal shifts poised to redefine fleet management strategies. Let’s explore what these industry changes mean for HGV fleet owners and managers, focusing on telematics integration, driver empowerment, and sustainable electrification.

  • Conference Richard Smith 2023

    Tough times but here’s how we can fight our cause


    Reports of hauliers succumbing to cost pressures amid hugely challenging conditions are sadly becoming regular reading.

  • Wesson crop2

    Haulage firms are attractive targets for cyber crime


    Road transport firms have become popular targets for cyber criminals in recent years. A number of high-profile attacks have rocked the industry lately and highlight the relevance of cyber security to even the smallest of logistical businesses.