Mercury Fuel Systems will be heading to Freight in the City Expo to speak with operators about reducing harmful emissions and lowering fuel costs from blending liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) into their existing diesel HGVs.

The company’s Quicksilver-AFI fully sequential LPG injection system is designed for use in the majority of HGV diesel engines up to and including Euro-6 specification.

On urban operations, Mercury said the LPG/diesel blend system can reduce NOx emissions by up to 34% and fuel costs by up to 15%, with each vehicle’s carbon footprint lowered by approximately five tonnes per 100,000km.

The company told that its emissions data had been independently tested by Millbrook Proving Ground - a technology centre for the design, engineering, test and development of automotive and propulsion systems and a pioneer of low-carbon technologies.

How does it work?

The Quicksilver AFI system replaces up to 30%-50% of the more expensive and carbon-intensive primary fuel (diesel) with a less expensive and lower carbon-content secondary fuel, usually LPG or natural Gas (CNG or LNG). It blends both fuels in precise quantities, which Mercury said optimises emissions and economy.

The manufacturer said there is an immediate 10%-20% reduction in fuel costs and a 6%-6


0% reduction in CO2 (both dependent on the choice of secondary fuel and route criteria).

In the event of the secondary fuel being unavailable, the vehicle reverts back to 100% diesel usage.

Mercury said installation of the Quicksilver system does not affect the integrity of the HGV and it can be removed from the vehicle at the end of the contract period if necessary.

Full drive train warranty is offered, alongside an optional service package.

Operators wanting to gauge a ballpark figure for how much diesel they could save on their own fleet, can use Mercury’s online calculator tool.

The company’s YouTube video (below) will also explain more about how the system operates.

  • Tony Dent, Mercury’s sales manager and Mike Bennett, technical manager, will be on stand G3 at Freight in the City Expo on 27 October at London’s Alexandra Palace. Register now for your free entry to the must-attend urban logistics event of the year!