Newell and Wright Transport (NWT) has reopened a disused rail terminal in a bid to cut its carbon footprint and increase rail freight services.

The Tinsley Marshalling Yard, which sits half in Rotherham and half in Sheffield, welcomed its first train into the yard this week from Maersk, since it fell into decline in the 1980s.

NWT said it worked “night and day” to get the site back on track, with resurfacing, inserting new rails and working on the roads that enter the yard.

NWT founder Frank Newell said: “This is just the start of a huge investment into rail freight; we plan to start phase two of the development - increasing capacity and job opportunities in the area.

“The government has asked businesses to reduce emissions, reduce traffic and make changes to support environmental initiatives and that’s exactly what we have done.”

The family-owned transport business said the development would also strengthen its relationship with shipping lines and distribution centres in the region.