MT Top 100 company Lloyd Fraser has marked its 25th anniversary as a business with a series of events and a new livery for 10 of its milk tankers.

The newly liveried tankers operate from three sites in Dalton, Yorkshire; Milborne St Andrew, Dorset; and Four Crosses in Powys.

Co-founder and MD Neil McConchie has also conducted a whistle-stop tour of the company’s network describing the milestone as something "we all should be very proud of" in a sector that has seen significant change and consolidation since the group was formed in 1987.

"Lloyd Fraser has always enjoyed the enviable position of being able to generate a unique family atmosphere, with each separate operating site being able to establish their own style, albeit with some central ground roles," said McConchie.

Anniversary decals are also being retro-fitted to the operator's other vehicles, and a new fleet will be entering service this month on a specific, as yet undisclosed contract.