Artist impression of John Lewis Partnership's new gas filling station Bracknell

John Lewis Partnership (JLP) is building a biomethane gas filling station at its Bracknell Waitrose site to fuel 120 HGVs, as it pulls forward its ambition to eliminate fossil fuels from its fleet by 2030.

The station will be built in conjunction with Air Liquide and will open in December, making it the business’s first on-site gas filling station.

The vehicles will run on biomethane made from food waste and waste materials, rather than diesel, reducing CO2 emissions by 80%.

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In March last year JLP promised to become net zero carbon across its entire operations by 2050 at the latest and its 600 HGVs to run on low carbon biomethane by 2028.

However, to reduce its environmental impact further, the company has now said it will eliminate fossil fuels from its CV and car fleets by the end of this decade.

Justin Laney, JLP partner and general manager of central transport, said: “The evidence of climate change is all around us, so it’s important we act now using available technology rather than wait for unproven solutions to appear.”