Iveco has launched the New Daily Electric in Italy this week, which features reduced energy use, higher payload and longer battery life.

With an extended range of up to 280km, the manufacturer said its 100% electric, zero-emission van is particularly suited to urban distribution work.

Compared with its predecessor, New Daily Electric sees a reduction in energy consumption due to high-efficiency, low-weight electric auxiliaries, in addition to a 20% increase in battery life. It also features an increased payload capacity of around 100kg.

In addition, the vehicle’s flexible charging modes allow operators to recharge the van in public or private infrastructure, by connecting to a fast-charging station for an average charge time of just two hours.

The vehicle allows the driver to choose between two driving modes: Eco and Power. In Eco mode, the engine torque is moderated to minimise energy consumption, without imposing any limits on the maximum speed of the vehicle. In Power mode, the driver can enjoy the full performance of the electric drive motor.

Regenerative braking is another major new feature of the New Daily Electric, allowing the driver to decide which braking method to use while driving.

The vehicle’s nearly-silent running characteristics contribute to a reduction in noise pollution, said Iveco, and enable night-time deliveries in urban areas. In addition, it is equipped with a pedestrian acoustic alert system as standard, which is activated automatically when driving at speeds of 0-30km/h.

Iveco said the vehicle’s power and robustness are guaranteed by its C-profile frame. Formed in high-strength steel, the C-profile frame ensures maximum durability over time and flexibility of use.

Inside, the New Daily Electric is equipped with a 7’’ detachable tablet and an electronic dashboard for vehicle data management, navigation technology designed by TomTom® Bridge for Iveco. A semi-integrated dashboard dock delivers the comfort of a built-in system and the flexibility of a detachable device.