The Cambridgeshire police force is appealing to lorry drivers, hauliers, service station operators and the general public to help them tackle rocketing HGV crime in the county.

Recent data compiled by the Cambridgeshire Police has revealed a staggering 380% surge in incidents, rising from five reported crimes in June to a total of 24 reported crimes in July.

Cargo theft, fuel theft, and fuel card pilfering are just a few tactics being used at service stations in Cambridgeshire, the police force said.

A Cambridgeshire Police spokesman told MT: "We’re addressing a concerning rise in HGV-related crimes in Cambridgeshire. Shockingly, 27% of HGV thefts have taken place at service stations, while 46% have occurred on streets or motorway laybys."

As part of a range of preventative measures, the Cambridgeshire police force aims to raise awareness of the problem among hauliers, lorry drivers and service station owners and has issued a list of actions that can be taken to help prevent HGV crime.

Top of the list is a call for hauliers to join the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (NaVCIS), which includes a specialist freight team focusing in UK cargo crime.

The force is also advising haulage operators to:

  • Educate your workforce: Empower your workforce with knowledge to stay vigilant and safeguard against theft.
  • Upgrade security: Invest in locks and alarms to fortify your vehicles against potential thieves.
  • Improve data collection: Maintain comprehensive cargo information and audit trails to deter criminals.
  • Check approved products: Explore police-endorsed security solutions at
  • Share this crucial information with those who could benefit from it.

Advice for lorry drivers includes:

  • If you spot any suspicious activity around parked HGVs, report it immediately by calling 999, or through our website
  • Drivers should ensure their lorries' safety by setting alarms and locking up before leaving.
  • Keep keys close: Take them with you always.
  • On the road: Lock trailer load doors while driving.
  • Lock your cab when loading or unloading.
  • Mix it up: Vary your routes and breaks to avoid patterns.
  • Consider setting up a delivery destination change procedure.
  • Park with the trailer doors close to another vehicle or wall.
  • If you spot any suspicious activity around parked HGVs, report it immediately by calling 999, or through the NaVCIS website