Efforts to fight organised criminal gangs targeting lorry cargo have received a boost after specialist insurer NMU teamed up with the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (NaVCIS) to share intelligence.

The company said the collaboration with the policing unit marked a significant step forward to safeguarding freight and ensuring the security of supply chains.

NMU said it had identified NaVCIS as a valued partner to the UK haulage industry through its ability to gather and analyse cargo crime data and intelligence.

NaVCIS data showed that 80% of reported cargo crime in 2023 was theft of goods directly from a vehicle, mostly through curtain slashes or padlock cuts.

Explaining the benefits of the collaboration, NaVCIS head DCI Brett Mallon, said: “Freight crime is committed by clever and organised criminals across the world and the UK is no exception - however the UK is exceptional in its fightback.

Crime stats

Crime stats

“NaVCIS, together with industry partners such as NMU, keep UK police and government informed with current and detailed information and strategic options. Thanks to this partnership approach we see significant police resources and central funds devoted to combatting freight crime, with real and tangible effects.

He added: “The strategic partnership with NMU will further strengthen our response, tie police activity with industry concerns and help us support and protect the sector.”

Ian Allman, NMU risk control manager, said: “Without NaVCIS, cargo crime in the UK would paint a very different picture.

“While cargo theft will not disappear, their insight can identify specific cargo crime hotspots which helps to reduce the likelihood of criminal activity.

“By combining this intelligence with their proactive collaboration with UK Government, police and insurers, NaVCIS has a significant impact in preventing losses for our clients. That is where the real value in our partnership lies.”