EV Cargo Logistics has acquired 'specific assets and operations' of NFT Distribution.

Those core operations include primary and secondary chilled logistics services from depots at Alfreton, Amesbury, Anglesey, Bristol, Crick, Daventry, Evesham, Penrith, Rochdale and St Albans – with almost 2,000 employees moving across from NFT to EV Cargo Logistics.

The successful transaction provides continuity of service for EV Cargo Logistics customer supply chains.

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It also signals EV Cargo Logistics’s commitment to chilled logistics, which will benefit from further investment and form a key role in the company’s growth strategy.

Duncan Eyre, EV Cargo Logistics chief executive, said: “We are pleased to announce the acquisition of NFT’s core operations, which we see as operationally solid and fit for future growth. EV Cargo Logistics is committed to delivering continuity of service to our customers. I would like to thank customers and colleagues for their support and welcome them to a bright future with EV Cargo Logistics.”