Boughey Distribution converted last year’s £500,000 pre-tax loss into a £942,000 profit with effective warehouse utilisation across the year.

The North West haulier’s financial results for the year ending 31 May 2022 also showed turnover increased by 14.1% to £62.7m.

Storage overall was at an average of 118,000 pallets during the period against an average of 120,000 pallets in 2021.

The company said stock levels dipped in the run up to Christmas as customers suffering staff shortages struggled to replenish stocks in line with retailer demand.

However, it added: “The mix of business improved from prior year as food service and cash and carry volumes recovered resulting in more complex added value work.

“Pallets dispatched were in line with the prior year, reflecting the more stable business environment.”

Boughey Distribution described its performance as “solid” and a significant improvement on the £493,000 pre-tax loss it reported in 2021, citing the opening of its Crewe warehouse for the business growth.

“Demand for our customers’ products continues to be stable and the outlook for most product categories handled by the business is resilient,” it added.