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XPO Logistics has landed a multi-year contract renewal in the UK with international building materials manufacturer Etex.

XPO already distributes several hundred thousand tonnes of products for Etex each year, using a digitally managed network which was deployed by the logistics giant in 2020.

The two companies also partner directly in France and Spain on international flows and operate a transport control tower in France for Siniat, a division of Etex Building Performance.

Under the new deal XPO will continue to use a dedicated fleet that delivers a wide variety of materials to builders’ merchants and building sites from Etex manufacturing plants in Bristol and Ferrybridge, and support distribution centres in Basildon and Grangemouth.

The customised network is managed by XPO teams on-site, and draws on XPO’s wider resources for transport and storage as needed to supplement seasonal fluctuations in demand.

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The new agreement sees XPO remain a single-source provider for transport and on-site logistics management. The operator willalso  collaborate with Etex to prepare for higher distribution volumes. Etex plans "significant" investment in the Bristol site which will see an increase in production and warehousing capacity to support the company’s expansion in the UK market.

Paul Noble, Etex regional operations manager for North Europe, said: “Our experience with XPO leaves no doubt they are committed to operational excellence. We realise top-tier performance metrics throughout the distribution process, from XPO’s storage and fulfilment management to their transport tracking and safety record. Our customers are the beneficiaries of this partnership.”

Dan Myers, XPO Logistics managing director of transport for the UK and Ireland, added: “The expansion of our partnership with Etex will leverage the substantial value we created together over the first contract phase. I want to thank the Etex and XPO joint operational team for the strong results they have delivered. We look forward to supporting Etex in the next phase of our relationship.”