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Vehicle Weighing Solutions (VWS) is adding a new production facility to its Chesterfield location as it prepares for future growth.

The new building will be an extension of the Chesterfield operation where VWS manufactures, installs and services its vehicle weighing, bin weighing and overload protection systems.

The new development will allow the weighing specialist to maintain complete control of its supply chain.

Chief executive Julian Glasspole said: “The strategic decision to expand our operations in Chesterfield will position VWS to meet customer demand, particularly considering the large number of recent orders that we have received.

“In addition, our existing operations have been a consistent leader in the development and implementation of vehicle weighing systems, resulting in a reputation for quality and manufacturing excellence within the weighing industry."

The groundworks for the 14,000sq ft facility have already commenced with the completion date set for August 2021.