Ryder Transcentral Jan 21

West Midlands-based warehousing and logistics firm Transcentral has bolstered its fleet with three Mercedes-Benz Actros 2545LS 6x2 tractor units, and six Montracon curtainsided Mega trailers.

The new trucks and trailers, supplied by Ryder, come in Transcentral’s fleet colours and are also protected by a collision damage vehicle cover package.

Elizabeth Wray, director at Transcentral, said: "I absolutely love them. They are beautiful, reliable, compliant and safe, which portrays the professional services we provide to our customers."

Transcentral also opted for BigSpace sleeper cabs that include additional storage, a pull-out fridge and luxury bed.

Wray said: “It is crucial to have happy drivers. The trucks provide our drivers with a sense of self-pride, giving them a superb working environment, and ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep. The trucks and drivers are the face of our business.”

The collision damage cover was also a key factor in securing the deal with Ryder, Wray added.

"After completing a six-month cost comparison trial on several Ryder-leased trailers, the results proved that Ryder’s Collision Damage Reducer (CDR) product was more cost-effective than taking out separate third-party insurance, particularly if we have to take vehicles on and off the policy as we upgrade or retire assets.”

The CDR package includes cover for the full contract value of the vehicle.

Wray said: "The add-ons with the CDR cover are perfect. It saves a tremendous amount of paperwork, admin and worry for the transport team, knowing the insurance of our leased assets is all taken care of by Ryder. It’s 100% hassle-free."

Transcentral has more than doubled the business it does with Ryder over the last few years which Wray said is "down to the service that Ryder offers us".

She added: “Ryder’s understanding of our business is highly commendable. Our account manager totally understands our needs. Ryder provides options and we tailor pick the services we need - which is important," she added.

Clive Moore, Ryder enterprise accounts executive, said: "Our comprehensive service offering - from spot hire and long-term rental, to maintenance provision and CDR cover - has enabled Ryder to develop the working relationship with Transcentral and become a trusted partner. We work closely with Liz and her team to make sure we understand their requirements and act swiftly to resolve any issues."